“Town Reservoir” 2021


Acrylic on canvas, 73 x 48 cm, 2021 (framed)

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Originally exhibited at the group show “LAND” at Off The Kerb Gallery 2021, and then at the solo exhibition “Cycle of Life” at Brunswick Street Gallery in 2022. Cycle of Life was a celebration of everyday motifs and nostalgia from the artist’s lived experience.

“Town Reservoir” is a giant slice of nostalgia from the artists childhood growing up on a farm in rural Victoria. Depicting the town’s central water supply which often reached the point of drying up completely during the 2000’s drought, Sesto uses the reservoir to explore the theme of return to a familiar place or “going back to the source”. The artist captures the nostalgia of walking around and viewing tiny worlds within worlds by utilising three circle abstractions which highlight individual focal points within the work. The circle realist abstraction is an ongoing technique in the artist’s work.


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