“In The Phone #3” 2019


Synthetic polymer and aerosol on wood panel, 37 x 57 cm, 2019

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The “In The Phone” trio acknowledges not only the hypnotic doom-scrolling that we have become far too familiar with in society, but the fact that the phone screen can take us infinitely anywhere. The aerosol wash in the background and harsh lines that penetrate them are reminiscent of radio waves travelling through out space, somewhere where we are literally connected to when we use signal based technology.

“In The Phone #3” was a painting executed in Sesto’s Red Series from 2018 – 2019. Obsessed with the idea of “connections” and taking stylistic cues from digitisation and cellular networks, the Red Series was perhaps Sesto’s boldest and most unique experiment to date. After 10 years of experimenting with different styles the artist has now discovered a consistent style of his own. It unlikely he will return to this style, though as it escapes all sense of genre it is likely to gather enduring fascination as time progresses. All gallerists shown the work at the time deemed the work “too challenging”, but then again so was everything that was ever avant-garde.

Framed in recycled wood.


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