“Eccentricity” 2023


Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 42 cm, 2023


ATTENTION: This artwork is currently unframed. Once purchased, there may be a one week wait while the work is being framed before being posted. Maybe you would like to give an opinion on how you would like it framed? The artist will follow this up with you via email once purchased.

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“Eccentricity” explores the vulnerability and joy of being an eccentric individual. As the artist points out “being an eccentric person is a little like being naked. You stand out like a sore thumb”. Despite the raw nature of the human anatomy in the portrait, the artist gives the viewer optimism with a beautiful butterfly rising into a sky of refreshing clouds. The vandalised brick wall symbolises a rigid and imperfect view of society. The animated features of the painting, the eccentric individual, the butterfly, and the clouds; all rise above it.


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