“Rooster in the Evening with Two Circles” 2022


Acrylic on paper

15 x 21 cm 2022

Silver frame

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“Rooster in the Evening with Two Circles” captures a beautiful moment for the artist. Upon returning to the farm where the artist grew up after a 6 month road trip around the central and eastern half of Australia, the sun was setting in beautiful colours on the hill top. The artwork explores themes of “nostalgia” and “home” and it quite typical of Sesto’s work to be influenced by sky-scapes of Australia. It is also Sesto’s first work to execute a “blackened” landscape, giving vibrant intensity to the sky.

Although a sobering work of naturalism on first glance, the obvious brushwork demonstrates inspiration from post-impressionism and expressionism. The fractal abstraction of the circles creates a dreamy yet understated sense of surrealism within the work.

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