"...the work of Eric Sesto is as dense and psychological, as it is airy and free. The artist has a talent for conjuring an image that is difficult to put into words but can be felt all at once. It is layered and cryptic just like it is instantly enjoyable..."

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b. 1995

There is an imaginative endlessness to the art of Eric Sesto, who is based in Melbourne, Australia. By employing heavy use of symbolism, an unconventional use of colour, and a subversion of scale; Sesto challenges what it is to exist and what it means to see.

The artist channels his interests in human anatomy, geography, psychology, art history, and technology; in order to discuss themes of neurodiversity, 21st Century mental dissonance, eccentricity, and human health and wellness. There is a playful child-like nostalgia to the artist's work, which he uses as a way to safely discuss weighted topics.

In deliberate contrast consumerism-induced positivity that has dominated the 21st Century, the artist encourages us to embrace heavy and anxiety-evoking material which has become taboo in the current dopamine seeking world. Notably the artist does not approach such material with a sense of doom and gloom, rather he combines an unbreakable sense of optimism with an expression of grit and grunge.

The artist experiences Ring of Fire ADHD, Synesthesia, and identifies as LGBT. The latter is not a mental condition, (though it comes with inevitable co-morbidities) but grants a removed perspective in analysing the unquestioned order of things. In his art, he attempts to explain his own condition as a lens to make sense of the outside world.

Sesto is inspired by surrealism, naturalism, expressionism, naivism, post-impressionism, and precisionism; but prefers to operate without the restrictions of genre. The depiction of the sky and landscape in his paintings is a homage to his childhood growing up in rural Australia.

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Sesto has held three solo exhibitions in Melbourne and a duo exhibition in Brisbane, in addition to being featured in numerous group exhibtions.



2022 Brunswick Street Gallery - Cycle of Life

2021 Off The Kerb Gallery - Inner / Outer Worlds

2018 Neon Parlour - Planet Paradise


Sesto has also painted murals across 6 countries in Oceania, Central America and South America. In 2017 and 2018 respectively, the artist toured across Central and South America painting murals. In 2022, the artist embarked on a painting tour of Australia, focusing dominantly with Northern Territory and Far North Queensland.


Sesto obtained a Bachelor of Architectural Design from the University of Queensland in 2015.